Parish of Lochs (1831-1845) - Miscellaneous observations

The condition of the people of Lochs differs materially from what it was, when the last Statistical Account was published. Then, very few of them could read; but now, the half of them, from the ages of ten to thirty years, can read the Scriptures in their mother tongue. This happy change has been brought about, by means of the Gaelic School Society. Indeed, the proprietor and proprietress of this island are very energetic in disseminating a knowledge of the oracles of truth among their poor tenants. But, from a change in the times, and other circumstances, the poor people are much reduced in circumstances. The fishing, which formerly constituted a chief part of their support, has not been prosperous of late years; but the mainspring of their prosperity was the price of cattle, which has also failed. This, together with. the warm entreaties of their acquaintances and friends who emigrated to Nova Scotia in former years, seems to have inspired them with the spirit of emigration; and nothing but reluctance to part with their scanty stocks of cattle, at the present very low prices, seems to retard the emigration of a great many of the people of Lochs this year, to British North America.

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