Parish of Lochs (1831-1845) - Population

Population in 1801: 1875
1811: 1927
1821: 2669
1831: 3667

Habits, Language, &c Of the People.- They are generally sober, hospitable, industrious, and capable of enduring much fatigue.

The common food of the people is potatoes, bear meal bannocks, pottage made of black oat-meal, milk and fish occasionally.

The games prevalent here were jumping, putting the stone, the shinty or club; but these are now gone out of use.

Poaching in game is not known here; but there is poaching of a more pernicious kind practised, which, though recently checked, is not quite abolished, viz. catching fresh water fish with a kind of pock-net, in rivulets and rivers, in the spawning season.

The people of Lochs are intelligent considering their opportunities. They are quiet, tractable, and very hospitable, sensible of their ignorance, and eager to be instructed in temporal as well as spiritual matters. It would be desirable, however, that they paid more attention to cleanliness. It cannot be expected, indeed, that a people shut out from intercourse with the civilized world should be so polished as others who have better opportunities of improvement; but their general good behaviour is such as might put many of these more favoured individuals to the blush.

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