Parish of Uig (1831-1845) - Population

The people of this parish have always been remarked for their hospitality. They are naturally intelligent, and acute and docile in their dispositions; and have of late years improved much, in cleanliness, morals, and religion. The population is on the increase, which may be accounted for by the fact, that the people marry young, are in general much attached to their native island, and not disposed to leave their native country. They live to a great age, and are in general higher in stature, and of a fresher complexion, than the people of the other parishes in this island. The Gaelic language is the mother tongue, and is as generally and purely spoken now, as it was forty years ago. The people have hardly any public games or amusements of any kind. Their improvement, of late years, in religious knowledge, has been very perceptible, and has taught them to be contented with their circumstances and situation in life, and to enjoy and value the invaluable privileges of the Gospel dispensation.

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