Parish of Uig (1831-1845) - Industry


(areas quoted in Scots acres)
Arable and intersected pasture: 2840 1 11
Fine pasture: 1733 3 30
Moorish pasture: 89885 0 37
Water: 3804 2 17
TOTAL: 98264 0 15

The Common Breeds, &c.-The small country breeds of sheep, horses, and cattle, are still the prevailing breeds of the country. Little or nothing is doing for the improvement of lands,-principally, I believe, for want of capital. Still the capabilities of the Lewis for cultivation are very great. Husbandry is done by the common
and the crooked spade; the ground is turned into lazy beds, but might easily be cultivated with the plough, in many parts of the country.

Fisheries.-Ever since the failure of the herring fishing in Loch Roag, the cod and ling fishing is that to which the inhabitants have turned their attention. In this, they engage with commendable industry, and are frequently very successful. They cure the fish in shore-houses, and sell it at 4d. per cod, and 7d. per ling. About thirty tons of cod and ling are taken annually: and about 100,000 lobsters are annually exported to the London market. They receive no bounty or any other encouragement, except the price.

There are about 80 open boats in the parish, and one decked vessel.

Manufacturers.-Kelp is the only manufacture carried on in the parish: 226 tons are annually manufactured. The people manufacture their home woollen and clothing.

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